& then this happened. . .

(Name Unknown)

Found this little girl at the store by my new house. She’s an incredible puppy. Smart as a button and knows how to communicate with humans. I finally got her into my car, which took a $2.00 slim jim and cheese stick – and brought her home, she was timid and a bit scared to enter but she came right in and immediately took to my family and our dog Baby. (Conveniently named after another loved puppy in my life) [No relation]

After getting her some fresh water and food, she thanked me by play wrestling and licking my face over and over. All of a sudden though, she bit on to my arm, careful not to break the skin but hard enough to let me know something wasn’t right. I allowed her to keep her clench as she guided my hand to her belly where I found what appeared to be road burn. She wanted to be bathed. So I ran a warm bath, but before I got her in, she once again guided my hand to the center of her belly where I could see the slightest signs of a wound. I got her cleaned and dried her all up and inspected the wound a bit closer. She had recently had what appeared to be a Caesarean section, or at least an operation of the sorts. We wept together for a few moments and I knew this dog was in my life for a reason. Also, she hates being on a leash. (figures)

I don’t know who her previous family was, she won’t speak of them often, when she does, she gets sad and I don’t like seeing her sad. Also, she deep sighs a-lot lol.

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