Recover My Google Account using Alternative Methods

Google Account Recovery


How to recover your Google account

Google says to follow these steps:

1. Navigate to this link to begin account recovery.

2. Use one of the account recovery options, such as requesting an email be sent to an assigned recovery email, receiving a text message, using the Google Authenticator app or requesting confirmation on your mobile device. Google highly recommends users set up several of these authentication methods when first creating their account to allow for speedy and successful account recovery.

3. Google can also send you a link with security questions to confirm your identity if you are unable to access any of these recovery methods.

In the past I’ve been successful using this method. . .

While working with some of my clients and some colleagues who’ve stated that they have lost all of their contacts, emails, photos, and documents because they lost access to their Gmail account, I’ve done the following:

1. Create a new Google/Gmail account

1a. Be sure to remember the password – I suggest also using a password vault such as 1Password, Dropbox, or Microsoft Authenticator.

2. Now that you have a new Google Account, we’ll use this to request Google to send you a verification code / verification questions to this new Gmail account. This should be one of the available options in the recovery options provided during the account recovery process.

Notable: Google may make you wait a few hours to a few days so their specialists can review your account(s) as to make sure it’s actually you requesting this account be restored. Be patient.

If that doesn’t work, Google does have alternative methods that may require you to send in your identification card. Be aware of scams and make sure that it is in fact Google requesting the information.