Provider Data Management – Credentialing & Contracting

Hi my name is Tyler Michael. I recently embarked on a very similar journey for a licensed mental health counselor whom prior to me joining her staff was not credentialed with any insurance companies. I started in June 2020 and by February 2021 had credentialed her with Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, HealthAdvocate EAP, BayCare EAP, Optimus, Humana TriCare, United Healthcare just to name the top organizations. I maintained the CE’s and ensured her licenses and certificates were all up to date and up to par and that she was consistently educating herself in a healthy time managed manner as to assure she didn’t burn herself out. Personal reasons and opinions made me resign from the position however during that time I learned an. immense amounts of resources and tools about the healthcare industry how to remain HIPAA compliant and how to track and maintain contracts and credentials, respond to request for documents all while remaining HIPAA & HiTrust compliant. I am very familiar with what it takes to credential and as it would stand am in a work remote position and can be available practically 24/7 if needed. I work in a direct solution focused manner. In other words – every puzzle, every problem, every issue, everything—has a solution. Executing the solution should never be a problem. I am my own business (LLC) and have a multitude of HIPAA compliant business tools already set up. I am eager to learn about your organization and hopefully can use some of your knowledge to build my own home care practice one day. I look forward to talking soon.

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