Free2Be is a development I’ve dreamed about for years. At it’s core—It is nothing more than a rejuvenating getaway type camp that allows each individual the freedom, privacy, resources, company, solitude, etc., to explore themselves and their surroundings back home. This escape allows multiple transitions to happen freely.

  1. You discover a side to life you may not have known was available
  2. You discover a part of yourself that you may not have known existed.
  3. You have time to breath, time to process, time to think, time to make anew.

Some use cases include Grieving, Mourning, Discovery, Self Explorations, Mind Explorations, Channeling Inner Knowledge, Combat Healing, Veteran Renewal & Rejuvenation.

We create a spa like environment with plenty of relaxation time, woods, freedom to explore and be. Our only request is you focus on yourself! 

More to come on this very soon!

be present. own the skin you wear. suit it to your comfort. disgust the world with your beauty.