So what did I do lately that has empowered me to make the “jump” and start “The Tyler Show”?

I MOVED TO ANOTHER STATE! Haha. I did,. I packed everything up into a storage unit, sold my truck, got a 4 cylinder car, and drove my happy ass to another state, and I couldn’t be happier. Why?

  • The weather is better!
  • The people are nicer. *A LOT NICER*
  • The water is cleaner!
  • The atmosphere is just more accurately paced for my liking.

Obviously not everyone would choose this type of lifestyle choice. Growing up, I moved every couple months. Being drastic enough to move to another state, was the easy part. Adjusting can be difficult sometimes. It gets lonely getting to know people for the first time. 

be present. own the skin you wear. suit it to your comfort. disgust the world with your beauty.