& then this happened. . .

(Name Unknown)

Found this little girl at the store by my new house. She’s an incredible puppy. Smart as a button and knows how to communicate with humans. I finally got her into my car, which took a $2.00 slim jim and cheese stick – and brought her home, she was timid and a bit scared to enter but she came right in and immediately took to my family and our dog Baby. (Conveniently named after another loved puppy in my life) [No relation]

After getting her some fresh water and food, she thanked me by play wrestling and licking my face over and over. All of a sudden though, she bit on to my arm, careful not to break the skin but hard enough to let me know something wasn’t right. I allowed her to keep her clench as she guided my hand to her belly where I found what appeared to be road burn. She wanted to be bathed. So I ran a warm bath, but before I got her in, she once again guided my hand to the center of her belly where I could see the slightest signs of a wound. I got her cleaned and dried her all up and inspected the wound a bit closer. She had recently had what appeared to be a Caesarean section, or at least an operation of the sorts. We wept together for a few moments and I knew this dog was in my life for a reason. Also, she hates being on a leash. (figures)

I don’t know who her previous family was, she won’t speak of them often, when she does, she gets sad and I don’t like seeing her sad. Also, she deep sighs a-lot lol.

Clean Face | Fresh Slate

How many times are we faced with conflict, and in a split second, we are faced with adversity and forced to make a split decision — A decision that holds enough weight that a persons life could be on the life. Somewhere. Somehow. Someplace.

What if in the moment we answered that decision…We accidentally provided the wrong answer? What if that was it though? They say life has no reset. No magical “Do Over” Button. So whats done is done…And a man is sent to prison for 3 Consecutive Life Sentences.

Now what?

Or; less severe. A “First Timer” gets picked up on a simple “Possession” and Burglary Charge” serves his time (eg., 11/29) but gets released to absolutely nothing. Or worse, to the same people, places and things that they used to know.

That doesn’t really take the problem into a solution focused result. You’re left with the same offenders repeating the same offenses ultimately resulting in a turn-key business modal.

What if we broke the barrier? Inflicted heavier sentences forcing convicts to work
upon their release date. Have a guiding resource to re-establish themselves and relearn how life on the outs is and prepare them with tools to make it.

Simultaneously have a farm / ranch that doubles as a re-entry workplace farm establishment and a healing trauma center for soldiers introduced to life altering trauma ie: after war, being shot, family emergency etc.