Bubby Jo & The Palisade

I suppose this could be taken a multitude of avenues. One of those perspective / perception things.

Bubby Jo was done with the pharmacists when they told her they were out of her prescription blood clot medicine, most likely for her husband or son as she regarded the prescription to be for “Him”.

Upon hearing this alarming news her attitude went from 0 to 💯 real real quick. In the best “Karen” voice I think I have ever heard in my life, which means she must be a natural Karen..she said “Why wouldn’t someone call and tell him you were out of the medication?” The pharmacy workers answered professionally and politely, exclaiming that the system doesn’t work that way unfortunately, and furthermore she nor the prescription owner had a phone number on file, so even if the system did work that way, they wouldn’t be able to call them to tell them anything.

Bubby Jo didn’t back down though..No her attitude persisted and she demanded someone call around and find out who has this medication in stock because this is absolutely unacceptable.

Now, was she wrong? No. Not at all. I agree with Bubby a thousand percent. But the whole fiasco was a mess and put everyone on edge making the worker become on edge causing the entire environment to feel really mucky. And why? Because the customer didn’t do her due diligence to ensure she’d receive that prescription update.

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