5 different types of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

  • Overt – People with overt narcissism are typically extroverted, bold, and attention-seeking.
    They may become aggressive or violent if a person or situation challenges their sense of status.


  • Covert – A person with covert narcissism may come across as shy, withdrawn, or self-deprecating.


  • Communal – Although it isn’t recognized as a formal diagnosis, communal narcissism refers to grandiose, inflated perceptions within a communal environment.
    Communal narcissists often believe they have excellent social skills and high degrees of like-ability and helpfulness.


  • Antagonistic – is characterized by competition and the derogation of others, while neurotic narcissism is characterized by insecurity and hypersensitivity


  • Malignant narcissism – is a form of narcissistic personality disorder that is highly abusive. People with this personality supposedly get a sense of satisfaction from hurting others and may manipulate people or lie to gain money, acclaim, and other things they desire.

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