1% is Everything

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Why is it that rock bottom becomes the bridge to so many new tomorrows?
What can’t you do?!
The losses we dread the most become the change we need most.

Inthose moments we find within ourselves the keys to transformation. You see, you didn’t know that you could leap that far. You didn’t know because You’ve never been pushed so close to the edge. But you have the power to stand again. You have it in you to go that extra mile. It’s how we choose to act while immersed in our lowest lows that provides the framework and the opportunity.

I believe the tears indicative of despair streaming down your face look a lot like the tears that emerge during our happiest moments — they are the same. One just precedes the other. What happens when you plant a seed at the very bottom of the earth? It begins to grow and it looks to the sky and it rises because it is growing

Hope plays in our lives. There MUST be Hope
In the 1950s, Curt Richter, a professor at Johns Hopkins, did a famous drowning rats psychology experiment. This experiment, though cruel, demonstrated the power of hope and resilience in overcoming difficult situations.

He dropped rats in a jar of water and observe, to see how long they would swim before they’d drown. For the most part the rats would swim for a moment or two and they’d give up. There was this innate feeling of hopelessness. 
Then he made a change and they were close to drowning he’d reach in and pick them up and hold them for a little while and then put them back and the results between the 2 groups were night and day — the rats in the second group realized it wasn’t over, they had a reason to continue swimming, some would swim for hours — they had something to hold onto — they had hope.

Don’t give up — Realize you have the power to make a change — You can be the change, the difference in your life and in another.


Seeing what’s not there and doing something about it! 
Step 1: Believing. 
Step 2: Doing something about it.

Things don’t have to be what they are…they can be what YOU make them. Walls can be stepped over. No’s can become yes’s. Impossibles can become common places. But there MUST BE HOPE!

be present. own the skin you wear. suit it to your comfort. disgust the world with your beauty.